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  • J.T. says on Wednesday 30 September 2015:
    I've always loved HaloBabies, thanks for keeping it around!
  • smi1ey says on Thursday 10 September 2015:
    Welcome to the nostalgia rush, MadMan! :smile:
  • Jordan (MadMan) says on Thursday 2 April 2015:
    Hey! I just want to start off by saying how happy I am to see something happening with the site again after all these years. Looking at some of the ol' members artwork is blowing my mind right now. I thought all those pictures were long gone!

    Anyway, I don't know if anyone will remember me or not but I went by the username MadMan back in the day.
  • smi1ey says on Saturday 14 March 2015:
    Were you an old fan or member of Halo Babies? Sign the guestbook to let us know you stopped by! :biggrin: